Emanuele Diana is a contemporary chef, who was born in Rome, Italy. Since a young age his influences and creation for his food have been inspired by both his grandparents. One grandparent being underprivileged and the other very wealthy , it gave him the flexibility to cook with both little basic food and more sophisticated,unusual ingredients.

Growing up, having the chance to work with both worlds, his love of food took him to new heights and at the age of 13 he was already working in restaurants as well as studying to become a chef…

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As a private chef, Emanuele offers 3 menus which can be adapted to your taste or personal preference. He will buy the highest quality ingredients, cook in your home, serve the food and clean up before leaving. Fill in the form and I’ll get in touch as soon as I can to discuss about availability & menu requests.

5 Star Treatment

…He continued his journey by working with many different establishments ,ranging from small traditional restaurants to large hotel restaurants.

As a private chef, you will receive the 5 star treatment, but in the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s a dinner party, fine dining for 2, or a business event, he will bring to you a stress free kitchen, no cooking, no cleaning, no drama.

So relax, enjoy, drink and socialise.

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